FITTERS Diversified Berhad foray into the palm oil milling industry via the acquisition of a privately owned palm oil mill and operated under the wholly owned subsidiary SOLID ORIENT HOLDINGS SDN BHD.


The palm oil mill located in Daerah Baling in the northern rice bowl state of Kedah, Malaysia processes fresh fruit bunches (FFB) of oil palms to produce crude palm oil and palm kernel for sale to refineries.


The palm oil mill with an original processing capacity of 60 MT/hr of FFB is in the process of being upgraded to 90 MT/hr processing capacity of FFB.


To improve the palm oil mill’s energy utilisation of biomass, a 50 MT/h medium pressure boiler producing superheated steam coupled with a 3 MW steam turbine was installed. This was provided with the view that future palm oil mill operations will demand more power for resource recovery and utilization of biomass and/or POME treatment. The future palm oil mill operation with green/renewable energy availability is a plus.


Our mill will operate a dried long fibre plant which converts the empty fruit bunches biomass into dried long fibres. This can be used in various types of manufacturing industries such as mattresses stuffing, car interiors, and soil erosion control mats. The dried long fibre are mainly exported to China. An example of resource recovery from biomass available & utilising the excess green renewable energy generated.


In year 2015, we will see the deployment of additional utilisation of palm oil mill biomass to generate renewable energy following the completion of two plants, which is the biomass gasification power plant and the biogas capture and combined heat and power plant.


The biomass gasification power plant utilising established and well-developed German technology will convert by gasification process the solids palm oil mill biomass such as palm kernel shell (PKS) and briquettes produced from empty fruit bunch and/or PKS to a renewable energy fuel gas, commonly called as producer gas or syngas. Producer gas can be used to generate electricity using dedicated gas engine generators.


The biogas capture and power plant will capture biogas from the palm oil mill effluent, empty fruit bunch press liquor and generate electricity using gas engine generators to produce up to 2MW of electricity for sale to the grid under the feed-in tariff program. The bio-solids by-products produced from the digesters have a potential as organic fertilizer or as a base for fortified fertiliser. 


In addition to generation of renewable energy, this project will avoid uncontrolled emission of biogas from conventional open effluent treatment ponds. Methane, which is a primary component of the biogas, is a greenhouse gas which is 21x more potent compared to CO2. This is in line with RSPO’s efforts of sustainable practice.


Biogas capture is a core part of palm oil mill effluent (POME) treatment in meeting stringent environmental standards set by the palm oil industry.  Operated in conjunction with a final MBR water polishing plant, we ensure that the final water discharge into the river from our palm oil mill meets the stringent standards as required by the Department of Environment Malaysia.


Solid Orient Holdings will continue to explore commercial and economically viable solutions to POME treatment technology to meet future discharge standards.


Through our endeavour, we will demonstrate the potential commercial and environmental benefits which can be harnessed from the treatment of palm oil mill biomass waste using a systematic and effective waste management and treatment facility.


Solid Orient Holdings mill will showcase a number of the sustainable production or resource recovery technology - Green Mill business concept.  We are willing to share our expertise with the palm oil industries in meeting sustainable operations requirements.