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Taking the necessary fire safety precautions to protect any investment is a crucial factor in any business. Unexpected fires can end any livelihood in just a matter of seconds.

FITTERS offers a complete range of fire safety systems. With over 30-years of experience in fire safety, we pride ourselves as the "One-stop" fire protection specialist for businesses and individuals.

Fire Protection Our range of Fire Safety Systems
  1. Fire Sprinkler System
    • Sprinkler head
    • Flow Switch
    • Pressure Switch
    • Alarm Valve
    • Butterfly Valve
  2. Wet System Valve
    • Pre-action valve
    • Deluge valve
    • Gate Valve
  3. CO2 System
    • CO2 cyclinder complete with accessories
  4. Fire Alarm System
    • Smoke detector
    • Heat detector
  5. Wet Chemical System / Kitchen Hood
    • Wet chemical cylinder complete with accessories
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In line with today’s stringent fire safety standards, PYRODOR offers high quality fire resistant door-sets – tested by SIRIM in accordance with the latest MS1073 Part 2 & 3 and approved by Fire & Rescue Department, Malaysia. Our total commitment to the protection of life and property is hard to match. We maintain a well-planned program for continuous improvement to meet customers' requirements.

We have the widest range of:
  • Approved and tested one-hour fire rated metal frame and wooden frame door-sets, single leaf and double leaf doors with various locksets.
  • Approved and tested two-hour fire rated metal frame door-sets, single leaf and double leaf doors with various locksets.

PYRODOR door-sets are custom-made to accommodate stringent customer requirements.


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For protection against the hazards of flash fires, electric arcs and harmful chemicals

As a manufacturer of protective and safety garments, we understand the importance and need for fitted safety apparels. That is why we proudly offer custom-tailoring services for our wide selection of apparels to meet the discerning demands of corporate or individual clients.

Each garment is tailored with NOMEX IIIA/Advance, the leading fabric for high risk heat and flame protection that can withstand hazardous working conditions such as extreme heat, fires and corrosive chemicals.

Advantages of NOMEX IIIA
  • Permanent, dependable protection
  • Self-extinguishing and does not burn
  • Non-break-open protection
  • Outstanding chemical resistance
  • Long-wear life and lower cost
  • Reduces static
  • Comfort
We are also the distributors of the following safety products:
We are also the distributors of the following personal protection products:

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Foam System

FITTERS foam blending facility allows for the manufacture of multiple foam concentrate products. Marketing all types of foam ancillary equipment and valves, we are able to provide the designing, installation, testing and commissioning of all foam systems.

A synergistic partnership between FITTERS and CHEMGUARD (USA) to operate its sole foam blending facility for supply to the entire South East Asia region.

Chemguard’s leadership in the fire protection field is especially evident through the complete line of properly engineered foam system foam products. All of CHEMGUARD foam concentrate products are earth-friendly.

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The Big Extinguisher in a small can - more effective than a traditional fire extinguisher on most common fires. Simple to use can & spray nozzle design makes fighting fires fast and easy.

Highly recommended for use in:

Corporate Responsibility


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